The following is the process required to sign the Declaration of Rights for the DECLARED RESIDENT and affirmed American National for The United States of America. (Hereinafter, “Declaration of Rights”)

1.  Declare State resident status within The United States of America which places the State resident in one of these United States in the original Union.  

2.  The office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America reports all new State residents on the National assembly call. The Secretary of State also emails detailed information on the process in claiming your Nationality. (Claiming a Nationality NOT required to assemble a Great Jury).

3.  The office of the registrar accepts and acknowledges receipt of the State resident Declaration and publishes the name of State resident on the National Status Claims Office within the Department of Transportation for The United States of America. Link

4.  Only after the State resident sees their name published on the aforementioned link, they may proceed to make an appointment with the Office of Deeds and Recordings for a telephone appointment to complete electronic signing of the Declaration of Rights

The telephone appointment should last no longer than 10 minutes.

Once the Declaration of Rights has been signed, it will be recorded and published by the office of the registrar and a link sent to the State resident.

Please allow 7-10 days for processing time.