Quit Claim Deed: Driver’s License Information

A driver’s license for a documented State resident or American National is not required;

This Government acknowledges the “intangible property right to use the Public Highways within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America, for the purpose of vehicular travel, as a matter of right;

As such, the documented State resident or American National has no need for “licensed permission” to access the public roadways;

The contractual relationship is between the Department of Transportation and a business entity — a “Private Membership Association” (PMA);

This is accomplished with a “Quit Claim Deed“;

The Quit Claim Deed has been standardized and the contractual relationship is in full compliance with the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights“;

All licensees receive a certified copy of the Quit Claim Deed for their records;

Newspaper Article explaining the restrictions section of this form: LINK

Department of Transportation MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: General Post Master Status

Initiate request for the Human Rights Compliant Driver’s License

American Nationals/State resident’s NOT ELIGIBLE

Feel free to join the American National Union for updates regarding Transportation Administration services to American Nationals and State residents.